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Don’t Try This at Home

Published on June 17th, 2013

I get some very interesting calls on occasion, to put it politely.  Sometimes you can tell someone is not going to hire you. They are milking you for information to get free advice to go on their way.

I am sure other professions get this same thing.  Doctors’ offices have gotten very good at screening people to make sure they come in for an appointment to spend money.  Lawyers, like private investigators, will give you a limited consult on the phone.  In other words, we both listen to your summary of your situation and decide whether or not we want to take the case and, therefore, discuss further.

The problem with these kind of calls I get is that people see private detectives glamorized on TV and in movies and they fantasize about being that person.  They want to be the person to follow the other one on surveillance. They want to listen in on conversations (which, by the way, is illegal…but I am not a lawyer and I cannot give legal advice).  They want to follow the leads in a public case and solve it, because they never miss an episode of Nancy Grace or other crime discussion shows.

Sometimes it is the person who feels they are being wronged who wants to engage in this undertaking.  While other times, it is a “friend” or someone who has no involvement in the case.

The problem with trying to work your own case or a friends is that you are too emotional to make sound judgments.  The TV show Cheaters is NOT reality.  Confrontation is not a good thing.  If I am conducting surveillance for a client, I will not even tell them where the target is at while I am out working.  The last thing either of us need is for them to come to the scene and go from wearing the white hat to the black hat.

Because of the emotion involved, if you try to work your own or a friend’s case, you make bad, irrational decisions and end of getting caught.  Then, you have zero information to work with.  Granted, as experienced as me and my colleagues are, things happen.  Sometimes our targets drive erratically or do other things that make following them very challenging.  But, for myself, in 20 years of experience, I believe I can make professional judgment calls on how to deal with various situations.  And if, on those very rare occasions where the private investigator might get burned, we are experienced in wiggling our way out of it verbally.

This would be a lot like me trying to diagnose myself if I had something beyond a stomach ache or headache.  The best thing to do would for me to go to the doctor and take care of the situation at the fees they charge.

So if you think your spouse is cheating on you, or you are trying to find someone who owes you money, etc., contact a private investigator to see if there is anything that can be done.   Don’t try this at home.

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