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Do You Have Spyware on Your Smartphone?

Published on March 19th, 2015

You’ve seen the ads for putting spyware on someone’s smartphone.  However, your phone MUST have been “jailbroken” (if an iPhone) or rooted (if an Android) in order for spyware to be installed.  Further, someone would need to have their hands on your phone for as little as 15 minutes to install spyware!  If you have the old school flip phone and not a smartphone, no worries…..maybe…

Jail breaking or rooting is privilege escalation; making changes to the phone that allows you to do things the original manufacturer had not planned; bypassing your phone’s secure settings.

So, what are the symptoms of spyware on your phone?

  • Does your phone’s battery gets hotter than usual?
  • Does your battery run out faster than it used to?
  • Does your phone randomly reboot?
  • Have you noticed a doubling your data usage?

If you are on a data plan that limits your data monthly, have you started getting alerts that you are running out of your data plan?  Have you ever had these alerts before?

Regarding your data usage, if you go back to your cell records and see where your data usage has doubled during the time period, then the chances are very good someone has placed spyware on your phone.  Why? Because spyware transmits to the hacker everything that you do. So it is essentially doing the same thing you did again.

What to do? Rugen Team Investigations is now offering cell forensics services.  Checking for spyware is just part of the forensics (more on our forensic services in a separate blog).  Surprisingly, checking your phone for spyware could be as inexpensive as $150 which can be worth piece of mind and you will not have to do a hard factory reset and reinstall all of your apps.

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