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Rugen Team Now Offering Cell Phone Data Retrieval

Published on May 23rd, 2015

We are very excited about a new service we are offering. It is all done in house and unlike most private investigator companies, we do not subcontract it out to other private detectives.

We are now offering retrieval of data from cell phones otherwise called cell phone forensics. The criteria you must meet for us to do the service is two-fold: 1) You must own the cell phone, and 2) you must be the person who pays the cell phone bill.

Our latest client received nearly 1600 pages of retrieved data. As you can imagine, that was impressive.

If you need this type of service, ask the private investigator if they do it themselves or they subcontract it.  If they truthfully tell you they “have a guy”, that means both the private detective company and the one actually doing the cell phone data retrieval has to make a profit.  That means you pay more.

To introduce our service, through June 20, 2015, we are offering cell phone data retrieval for only $300. Call us at 1-888-644-7700 or email at ron@contactpi.com.

We are now your cell phone private investigator in Kansas City, Topeka, Des Moines, Springfield MO,, Columbia MO, St Louis, and soon in Dallas, Miami Beach, and Tampa.  We are licensed Private Eye investigators in Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, and pending in Texas and Florida.



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