Megyn Kelly Riding Trump's Coattails

Megyn Kelly Riding Trump’s Coattails

Published on February 9th, 2016

I’m really exhausting of all of the publicity Megyn Kelly is seeking to pump up her awareness at the expense of Donald Trump.  And the rest of the media is helping her as they have her as guests on their shows.  The latest I saw was The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

I don’t have to go into the background.  Unless you’ve lived in a cave the last several months, then you know it’s because Trump thinks she treated him unfairly in a presidential debate.   That is something I won’t debate.  You have probably already made your decision.

First, Megyn Kelly is not a journalist.  That’s not a slam; it’s just a fact.  She’s a talk host.  True journalists don’t give their opinions publicly.  Or at least when I was a reporter/news director we didn’t Actually, even when I hosted a radio show in the 80’s we didn’t. But times have changed in talk formats.  It probably started with Rush Limbaugh in the 80’s.

But, due to the never ending hunger for news, particularly on the 24-hour news channels, this has become a bigger story than what it should be.  But, nonetheless, you either love Trump or you hate him.  And much of the media loves to hate hm.

My own experience with Megyn Kelly wasn’t stellar.  I was on her midday TV show in November 2011 regarding the missing Baby Lisa case.  On live TV, she was heading me down a path of questioning that involved an incorrect assumption.  I don’t necessarily blame her for that since the producer I worked with probably briefed her and/or fed her the questions.

So, on live national TV, knowing I couldn’t say something knowingly inaccurate or that I did not believe, I had to quickly and succinctly answer her question by rephrasing my answer so as to bring things back on the right track.

That was the first and last time I was on her show.  A lot of that had to do with a New York security guard who claimed to be a private investigator (but wasn’t licensed anywhere) who, I am told, told Megyn that if I was on again instead of him, he wouldn’t work with them anymore.  The New York guy won.

A few months later, her producer called me and wanted to pick my brain about a breaking development on the same story.  Seeing the phone call for what it was, I asked, “oh, do you need me on the show today?’  The producer said no, we just need some background.  Famed alleged bigot/ex-cop Mark Fuhrman was on the show that day.  I suspected they wanted to feed him my information to make him look knowledgeable since he really had no direct involvement in the case.

So, that’s my experience with Megyn Kelly.  Regardless, she appears certainly to be using Donald Trump to pump up her own career. And it appears to be working.


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