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You Don’t Have to Catch “The Catch”

Published on March 29th, 2016

TV mogul Shonda Rhimes may have finally hit a dud.  Her latest attempt at must see television, “The Catch” didn’t fare well in the ratings out of the gate.  And, as a private investigator, I was not that impressed with this PI show.

If you, like many, did not see “The Catch”, it is about a woman who owns a PI agency and is duped by a purported love interest.  After he gets what he wants by hacking her company, he disappears from his fiance’s life (the female PI).

I was immediately unimpressed in the first few minutes when she detains an art thief and he rightfully reminds the character she cannot arrest him.  As she zip ties his hands, she lets him know the cops can arrest him and they are standing by.  I am no lawyer or a cop, but it seems like unlawful detainer.  It is not something I would do.

Long story short, “The Catch” is another show about a private investigator who does things that real life private investigators are not able to do.  I am okay with that if you watch it knowing it is just a television show.  But so many people believe this junk and then call real life PIs like me expecting us to behave the same.

I remember getting a call from someone a few years back who wanted me to find someone.  All he had was a photo and he wanted me to use “facial character recognition” to track him down.  I snarkily suggested he call our (fictitious) Hollywood bureau for assistance.

The bottom line is most PI work is not sexy or exciting.  There is a lot of it that is either sitting in front of a computer doing research or sitting in a car bored for hours with your eyes peeled so catch your target in case they appear.

Maybe real private investigators just are not must see TV.

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