Private Investigation Testimonials

“Ron Rugen is a very good investigator, writer, and communicator. If I wanted to delve into something, whether a private case or a public interest issue, Ron would be the guy I would call.”
— Nationally-known Criminal Profiler and Author Pat Brown

“Ron Rugen is an intellectually gifted investigator with a strong background in communications which means he listens, he learns, and he reports facts. He digs like a hungry journalist and gets to the truth.”
— Peter Hyatt, Nationally-Known Statement Analyst, Investigator

“I personally have met with Mr. Rugen and feel confident that he will take care of his clients and their needs. I have had dealing with PI’s all over the world and feel that Mr. Rugen is a professional PI who can definitely assist his clients.”
— Kelly Riddle, International Private Investigator, Author/Columnist, President of Kelmar & Associates, San Antonio, TX

“Ron’s dedication to education and bettering his craft truly sets him apart from the everyday gumshoe.”
— Cynthia Hetherington, MLS, MSM | Aon Consulting, Managing Director, Corporate Strategic Intelligence Unit
Financial Advisory & Litigation Consulting Services Practice

“Through our many professional interactions, I can say with great confidence that Mr. Rugen has proven himself to be knowledgeable and professional in both the judgment recovery and private investigation fields. You’ll be in good hands, when you rely on Mr. Rugen for assistance!”
— Christina Smiley, Sierra Judgment Recovery, National Speaker and Author, St. Marys, GA

“We have known Ron Rugen on a professional level and he is a very resourceful investigator.”
— Ralph Thomas, Austin, Texas; Founder, National Association of Investigative Specialists

“It takes a certain breed of person to do this work. You need to be aggressive and assertive and tenacious. He knows how to dig and get to the root of the papers to get the monies collected. If we’ve got a judgment and are looking to collect, he is a great next step.”
— Nancy Galloway, President, Callahan & Galloway Property Mgmt

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